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    In an effort to get a ladies section going again Kenny Turnbull invited all ladies to attend a meeting in the clubhouse on Sunday January 31st.

    Six ladies attended with 2 apologies.
    Most of those who attended were season ticket holders.

    It was a very positive meeting and the ladies decided that they would all become members, get handicaps and play in ladies and mixed competitions.

    All ladies medals are to remain on the scorecard and they asked that tee times be set to start at 10:00am

    They are very keen to start playing together and asked that a list of contact details be circulated to them all.

  • Senior 4BBB Open July 28th

    Binny Golf Club

    4 BBB Senior Open July 28th


    8.40 am  Pat Kenny & Joe Nicolson  V

    8.50 am  Bob Lawrie & Jim Williamson  V  B Manson & W Hunter

    9.00 am  T Allardyce & G Hume  V  Bob Pattison & N Logan

    9.10 am  Jim Weir & W Byron  V  Sandy Henderson & Jamie Jamieson

    9.20 am  S Williamson & A Paton  V  F Aitken & B Paton

    9.30 am  D Marshal & V Meiklejohn  V  D Barrie & Willie Fyfe

    9.40 am  P Hastie & A Wood  V  John Weir & David Hunt

    9.50 am  Gordon Smith & Ian White  V  Geo Taylor & Bill Clark

    10.00 am P Brown & J Jackson  V Bill Wilson & Alistair Smith

    10.10 am Vince Parrot & Ralph Bolton  V  Dave Blogg & Jim Hanratty

    10.20 am Geo Woolward & I Lloyd  V  Ronnie Lamond & Dave Mains

    10.30 am Geo Richards & Jimmy Dee  V


    12.30 pm S Cook & A.N.O.  V  B Marr & D Raeburn

    12.40 pm

    12.50 pm

    01.00 pm

    01.10 pm

    01.20 pm

    01.30 pm


    03.30 pm Mike Mok & Graham Roberts  V  Brian Rolfe & Tom McCann

  • Chris Brian Billy & Scott after completing their 72 holes


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